50 People attended the event at Multnomah Presbyterian Church

Faithe, James, and members of GS Troop 41129With only one mom in attendance, she was overwhelmed with the love received. 50 People attended the event at Multnomah Presbyterian Church to support and shower a special mom with love.  Faithe was able to share her new son, James with us at the event.  We’re so happy he arrived early to join us. It makes the photos so much more fun.

Women from WEO, Binky Patrol’s Beaverton Chapter, Girl Scout troops from Oregon and SW Washington, Starbucks local management team and other neighbors were in attendance to show the heart of BInky Patrol by bringing gifts for moms who may be in a tough time in their lives with new babies on the way.

Susan Finch with Faithe and Baby JamesFaithe and James are blessed in so many ways. They are both healthy, even though our peanut, James was born three weeks early.  He’s a healthy, sweet baby.  Faithe was joined at the shower by members of her own family, including her grandmother.  She has love and support, but it’s still difficult being a single mom.

Faithe was hoping that more of the girls and women from her support group would have attended as she brought gifts for each of them.  Yet, none of them made it to the event.  We’re told due to the circumstances surrounding some of the pregnancies, many of them are quite shy and a bit uncomfortable being the center of attention.

They were missed at the event but Nicole Hines from the Pregnancy Resource Center left with an SUV FILLED with gifts to share with the other clients the center serves.  In all, about 40 moms will enjoy a few gifts including homemade blankets by various attendees and Girl Scout troops.  Baby Banz also donated 20 pairs of quality sunglasses for children so they won’t have those wavy, lenses.  UV protection and style for baby!

20 Moms are receiving gifts from local businesses such as Icing Teeth Whitening Kits from Dr. Raymond Frye, Iron Butterflies: Women Transforming Themselves and the World signed by author, Birute Regime, a Binky Patrol t-shirt and other goodies donated by various neighbors.

One of the highlights was a game played by all:  The Dice Game.  This involved three pie tins, three pair of dice and a few wonderful prizes that you see at left.  Notecards from Raquel Edwards, Icing Teeth Whitening kits, Iron Butterflies and vinegar and exquisite olive oil from Benessere in Portland.  The tins were passed around, dice were rolled and prizes grabbed and swapped for a fast and furious 5 minutes filled with laughter.  In the end, six attendees left with their prizes  Each one was equally coveted by the rest of the group.  Great ice breaker!

The Dice GameA huge thank you to Multnomah Presbyterian Church and Youth Pastor, Heather Hellman, for inviting us to host this event in their beautiful community room.  Everything we needed was there and it as a beautiful setting surrounded by trees.

A more perfect venue could not have been found.
Thank you to all who attended, and especially to Faithe, James and their family for making it a perfect event.