Use this to send to your local papers.

Area Coordinators, here is an easy and FREE way to get volunteers.  Do a bit of research and send this to your local media.  This is only a sample.  You may modify it.



Local Contact:  (your name)
Telephone:  (your number with area code)
Local E-mail:  (your email)
Headquarters:  503-214-8346







(DATE OF WHEN YOU MAIL IT OUT – (your name) of (your city/region) has started a local chapter of Binky Patrol.  Binky Patrol is a national nonprofit organization that makes and gives handmade blankets to babies born HIV positive or drug-addicted, children who are abused, in shelters, or foster care.  Recipients are 1 day to 18 years.  Any child experiencing trauma or loss who needs the security of knowing someone cares and that they are loved receives the blankets.  Founded by Beaverton, ORresident, Susan Finch in 1996, the Patrol has delivered over 100,000 blankets since beginning.

To join Binky Patrol a volunteer only needs an open heart, a needle, some thread and a desire to help kids who have some very special needs.  According to Mrs. Finch,  "No sewing experience is necessary.  There are many ways to help and participate.  Crocheters and knitters are also welcome.  The youngest volunteer to date is 4 years old!  Binky sizes range from 3′ x 3′ to twin bed size for the teens.  Anything goes – simple or complex, as long as they are soft and washable.  They all express love."

Currently, Binky Patrol is looking for more volunteer "hands," local sources of funding to cover basic expenses like printing and postage, batting, thread and yarn.  Susan shares,  "Current and new participants are discovering they can make a difference with a small amount of effort.  It’s a great way to meet new friends and neighbors, give something of themselves and express their own creativity."

For more information on how you can join this local effort call (your name) at  (your phone number with area code) or write National Headquarters:  Binky Patrol Comforting Covers, PO Box 652, Beaverton, OR  97075-0652, (503)214-9346 or e-mail:  Binky Patrol’s website is filled with additional information –