Download time is AWFULLY slow for some of the images…

 You are doing a great job adding photos, helping us with articles and more.  We need to ask you help to reduce the file size and keep the download time FASTER.  Please resize your photos on your own computer FIRST – before you upload.  They should ever be larger than 250 pixels across or down and a resolution no higher than 150 dpi.  Otherwise, those people with dialup modems take up to five minutes to download some of the articles. It is frustrating.

Also, if you are adding images to the “abstract,” try to keep these even smaller — about 1/2 size.  I’m bad about this too and will work on it.  Mainly because the abstract images usually show up on a page with many articles and abstracts. 

Try adding events too.  Remember to add your special announcements to your pages, meeting places, etc.  Add articles to your state section so that anyone visiting that state section will see your news!  Brag about a volunteer, share a story from a recipient, talk about what your chapter needs… this is your section and your website.  Have fun with it!

Thanks for the help.