Millions of children across the US suffer from illness and trauma everyday

Millions of children across the US suffer from illness and trauma everyday. They need something soft and warm to hold onto for a bit of comfort each day! A blanket really does help. Every little bit helps and is really appreciated!

How to help:

Getting involved is simple! All you need is to know to how work a pair of scissors and tie a knot. Well, how is that going to help, you may be asking yourself. Simple. Get a yard of fleece, and see below.


Cut a five inch square at each corner. Cut one inch wide fringe by five inches deep around the blanket and tie a simple easy knot in each piece of fringe. And you’re Done!!! See that wasn’t hard! Now go out there and get your fleece or flannel. Remember, make them single layered, the person in the picture has the fleece folded in half to cut the time it takes to roughly a half hour. No matter what the person in JoAnn’s, HobbyLobby, or Michaels tells you please think about the children and buy only one yard per blanket. You want something they can use year round, not just during the winter, or summer time (depending on which is colder for them- Air Conditioning in the Summer time, and Natural Cold Air in the Winter Time). Please check with your Area Coordinator what sizes are needed most. Your local Area Coordinator and chapter of this wonderful organization can be found on the upper right hand corner of “Please Select From A List”- Drop Down Menu, contains all of the chapters, simply select your local chapter form the list, and contact your chapter leader with YOUR preferred method of choice (either note, E-mail, or phone call).

Thank You so much, for choosing to help ill and traumatized children and teens, as well as drug-addicted babies! Your contribution means so much to everyone!