If this applies to you, please find another organization to volunteer for.

We had a chapter close recently due to a chapter leader moving, but primarily because the volunteers didn’t want to help if they didn’t get something in return. 

I was greatly saddened to hear the story of one chapter closing in Washington:

“…The people down there said they could volunteer if there was something given back to them.  When they found out the what the got back was the satifaction of knowing that they helped a child or someone in need they didn’t want to help.  Most people wanted to be paid for their quilts or their time sewing.  Needless to say I don’t have any volunteers to pass the chapter on to, I wish I did…” 

I’m not sure what people think volunteering to help those in need is all about.  We’ve had several volunteers and chapters over the past eight years complain that they don’t receive “thank you notes” for their binkies and donations.  Isn’t that just too bad!?

If you are only giving to receive, than that ISN’T giving.  It is trading.  We are not in the barter business.  We are here to find a simple way to provide comfort to a child or teen who is hurting.

We’ve had “former chapters” complain that the agency didn’t thank them or they didn’t receive a thank you note so they don’t want to deliver there any more.  So the children are punished for something the adults — underpaid, usually volunteer as well — don’t have time to do.  This is very sad and not very “Binky” like. 

If you only want to volunteer and give of your heart to receive something back — other than the internal satisfaction that YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE, then please go find another organization to help.  We don’t have time for giving with conditions.