"Somebody’s Children" will be held at: El Centro Cultural Center in Santa Ana, 310 W. 5th Street Santa Ana, CA 92701 for more information: http://www.foundspaces.org/    Show runs August 10 – 25.

"Somebody’s Children"
Based on true stories and interviews

Found Spaces Theatre’s production of Somebody’s Children introduces us to the stories of five teenagers: Shannon, Tariq, Shell, Valerie and Alex. Somebody’s Children.  These five children are part of a subculture that isn’t shown or explored in the media in any great depth. These children and their families live in run-down motels. The condition of these motels is horrific. Most city authorities do little to rectify the situation. These families live in a world where everyday is a challenge and the idea of home is temporary at best. We share a day in their lives as they proceed in telling us their stories. They paint a picture of their lives and the harsh realities in which they struggle to survive in; all the while doing so in the shadow of Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth. However, these children also take the time to share the hopes and dreams with the audience; reminding that hope can exist in even the harshest conditions.

This play is being written to show that the stereotypical image of homelessness seen on the front page of every major newspaper and television set is only just one type of homeless/impoverished community. It talks to the fact that these motel families and their lives should not be hidden; that they deal with the same problems residents of places such as Skid Row and that Orange County, Los Angeles’ neighbor to the South, also must deal with these similar issues.

Somebody’s Children will be performed at TBA
The show will run: August 10th – August 25th, Fri-Sun
Show times are 8:00pm Friday and Saturday, and 2:00pm Sundays.

There will be two talkbacks on August 11th and 25th immediately following the show. Stick around and talk with the cast, director and designers about what they went through to bring this show to life.

Check out these great charities that have collaborated with us on this show: Binky Patrol and Project Dignity

more information can be found at their site: http://www.foundspaces.org/