240 Binkies Completed in Six Hours!

Laguna Beach High School’s library seems to be the perfect home for Binky Patrol’s local Bink-A-Thon.

70 volunteers, including over 35 students and girl scouts helped to make this event so successful.


Event chair, Laura McCoy had us prepared with 300 kits made and bagged with backs and patterns.  She organized this great event.

Before we had tops ready to pin, we had the students making the polar fleece fringe binkies.

Kathy Mullen’s table also took in "rouge" binkies that needed to be repaired from the quality control table.

Director, Susan Staebell kept her table in "stitches" thoughout the day.  Poor Hitomi didn’t know what a wild bunch she was sitting with.  I think we gave her some new bad habits.

The library is set up for many computers giving us the necessary outlets for all of the machines.  Community Services Coordinator, Chris Krach did an amazing job coordinating the students, helping with all of the arrangements and keeping it moving right along throughout the day.

Founder, Susan Finch (facing camera) actually spent most of the day sewing. 

There were stations for pinning.

There were stations for turning and tying.


90 binkies will be delivered to St. Joseph’s Hospital, 40 to Hannah’s Children’s Homes, 60+ to the County of Orange and 20 to the Laguna Beach Community Clinic.  The final 30 are to be determined.

Wahoo’s Fish Taco fed us for the 6th Year!  Thank you for the great food!

Director, Miriam Siegel went through four needles.  Don’t ask us how this happened while sewing cotton.

Director Tom Finch learned how to close binkies after they were turned and quilt them.  Beats lifting heavy things or tying off!  Thanks Tom.

Thought you might like a picture of Infinity International Order of Rainbow Girls that were helping last weekend.  We meet in Lake Forest.  The girls had a blast on Saturday and are already talking about next year.  We took some kits and plan on having our own work party after the first of the year to donate back to Binky Patrol.

Janyce Mathis
Mother Advisor of Infinity Assembly

From left to right, Connie Moore, Chelsea Goossens, and Alyssa Jacobs.  Our web site is http://www.caiorg.org/