one of Stacey Bryant's squishy crocheted binkies she made.When community service becomes an act of love.

Weyside Christian Mission in Lousville, KY is so happy Stacey had community service hours assigned! She is going to continue to make binkies for them.

Stacey first contacted Susan Finch about fulfilling required community service hours. Stacey hadn’t expected that she’d get hooked on Binky Patrol’s mission of comforting local area children and teens in need of that reminder they are loved.

She delivered her blankets to Matthew at the Weyside Christian Mission via Leville – security officer there to help ensur the safety of the residents. They were all so thrilled with the delivery of 6 VERY soft, squishy crocheted binkies.

Stacey delivering to Leville at Weyside Christian Center