Much loved Binky …

This note was recently sent to Helen Downing of our Fullerton, California Binky Patrol chapter. This note is regarding a Binky that was given to a baby 5 /12 years ago and is still cherished by the little girl.  

"Hi Helen,


I am not sure if you are the right person to contact, but found your name on the binky patrol website. 


My daughter Erica Crider was born on February 26, 2004 at 30 ½ weeks at 3 pounds at St. Jude in Fullerton.  My husband and I felt like we absolutely had to forward a copy of my daughter’s blankie that the binky patrol made for her when she was in her incubator 5 ½ years ago.  She treasures that blankie more than anything in life and it has been through the ringer over the past 5 ½ years!!!  It has been run over, lost, mailed, in the trash, retrieved from the trash and has served as a huge part of her childhood to date!!  We just had to share these pictures!  She loves to smell it, and it she thinks it is the best smelling feeling blankie in the universe!!  Just wanted to let you know the impact that special blanket made on our little girl!!!  Thank you and God Bless your ministry!!  Christy & Erica Crider"

"Daddy with Erica"

What’s left of the Binky.

Erica with Binky


Christy, we thank you for sharing your story with us! Erica, we are so glad that Binkie brought you so much comfort and is still enjoyed today.

We enjoy receiving stories like this.  If you have a story to share, please contact us!