Area Coordinator, Marne LaForge just called BPHQ with the final count from yesterday’s Bink-A-Thon.  There’s was the first.  They were all in shock.  70 binkies from 14 women in 6 hours!  TOP THAT!

Area Coordinator, Marne LaForge had to schedule their Bink-A-Thon early this year because of conflicting schedules for long-time volunteers of the chapter.

This didn’t hurt turn out a bit!  As 4 p.m. Tampa/Lutz time, 14 women completed sewing, pinning, cutting and tying off 70 binkies.  This is their best success yet.  One volunteer, Rosie, even purchased her machine this morning because she was tired of coming to Bink-a-Thon’s and only being able to tie or label.

Marne’s wonderful husband, Jay helped her prepare lunch to keep everyone going until 3 p.m.  And then, led the men to the golf course for the day.  Coffee was free flowing and the chatter is filling the room.  Marne made friendship bracelets for everyone attending out of Red-White-and Blue. 

The chapter is dedicating their Bink-A-Thon to the Sept. 11 tragedy victims and their families.  All binkies made today will be sent to the relief efforts.  Long time friend, Jen kept everyone fed, binkies trimmed.  Marne’s sister-in-law Mary Lugris brought her brand new baby to participate.  She scootched Marne off her seat, passed of baby Dillon to Auntie Marne and sewed and sewed.  Dillon slept the entire time she was there.

Cousins, co-workers, a new volunteer through the Binky website, school friends, friends from Marne and Jay’s honeymoon – it was a wonderful group of caring, loving and fun women gathered together.

They shipped 70 binkies to the families in New York (Marne is from New York).  Thanks to the Binky angel who donated the shipping.  To contact Marne LaForge and the Tampa chapter: email: or call 813-792-0996