have your own local Bink-a-Thon

We’ve been having regular Bink-A-Thons in Beaveton, Oregon.  Here are some tips, reminders and lists that you may find helpful if you want to have your own local Bink-a-Thon.

The more sewing machines we have going, the more people we can involve, and the more blankets we’ll make. ALSO… please remember to bring extra thread for your machine, as we don’t have much back-up thread. Extra needles just in case are also helpful. And if you can bring both an EXTENSION CORD and, if possible, a POWERSTRIP (labeled with your name so they make it back with you at the end of the day), that would be excellent.
You will be sitting at cafeteria tables – i.e. bench seats. You are welcome to bring a backrest (such as the Crazy Creek chairs that you can place on a bench) or pillow to make the experience more comfortable.

The first half hour or so devoted to getting the machines set up and ready to roll. Please sign in upon arrival (you’ll see a sign-in sheet specifically for the sewing machine group) and remember to bring a lunch to stay nourished, since the shift falls over the lunch hour! A water bottle would also be handy, though there are water fountains available. And if you’re bringing kids, remember they need to help, too and you cannot leave them hoping they’ll manage on their own if you step out to pick lunch up. If they are too distracting, you may want to make other arrangements.
    So… in short, bring:

  • Your sewing machine
  • Extra thread and needles
  • extension cord (labeled with your name)
  • A powerstrip, if you can (labeled with your name)
  • A lunch to stay nourished
  • A water bottle to stay hydrated
  • a ripper,
  • pincushion
  • preloaded bobbins
  • scissors/rotary cutter
  • straight edge
  • cutting mat, if you can
  • bandaids (for all of the pin stabs).
  • Your enthusiasm and the energy to pump out a bunch of blankets in half a day!