celebrate 15 years of Binky Patrol.

Here are some tools if you are interested in joining us by hosting a local Baby Shower to celebrate 15 years of Binky Patrol.

The event will be June 18, 2011 across the country.

PRESS RELEASE (Word Doc)  – you can edit and add your contact information,but leave the national information in place.

Be sure to notify Susan Finch if you are planning to have an event so we can get it on the calendar and publicize it for you.

A list of how Girl Scout troops can help (Word Doc)
We are using this for our local Service Unit. Feel free to contact your local regional office of Girls Scouts. You may be able to present this idea for them and get a TON of help from local troops.

Think about it like a Bink-A-Thon – a lot of tasks you can delegate to small groups or individuals.

First step is to secure a place to host your event.
Next, find local businesses to help and local media.
Try to connect with local quilt guilds, moms groups, women’s professional organizations and shelters.
Make sure your chapter is on board to help make blankets for all of the guests new babies.

The Girl Scout list linked above will break down the pieces better.  You may find it helpful whatever scale your event is.

Our event will have two games – because you have to have the dopey games!
1. the typical "memorize the baby junk on the tray game with a few prizes for anyone to win.
2. my FAVORITE game – the dice game:
have pie tins – enough tins 1 for every 10 people. 
1 pair of dice per tin.
start a timer for 7 minutes – pass the tins with the dice. 
Roll – doubles you grab a donated silly prize from center area or up front, pass the tin.
No doubles – pass the tin – fast!
When prizes from center are gone, take from each other until the timer goes off!  It can get wild and loud.