Donated yarn from Michael’s makes it easy for volunteers to meet the challenge.

Yarn from Michael's made by Nancy Cabrera's team at Warm Up AmericaA roadtrip to Washington led to a lot of families receiving blankets.

Michael’s Distribution Center in WA, emailed BPHQ saying they had a lot of yarn to donation. Pam Head and BP Founder, Susan Finch, took the opportunity for a road trip to cram Susan’s 4 Runner with gorgeous yarn.

Pam Head who is a co-coordinator for all Binky Patrol events in the Beaverton chapter, also volunteers for Hands-On Portland, Warm Up America and a few other charities that all involve blankets and comforting children. Her humor is what Susan’s husband, Tom, looks forward to at their local Bink-A-Thons. 

When the opporutnity came to drive 1.5 hours to pick up a bunch of yarn, Pam said yes so fast it made Susan laugh. Area Coordinator, Crystal Guyer also picked up a load and crammed it into her little Ford Focus! They brought back enough to share with a couple of groups that serve the same children as the Beaverton chapter of Binky Patrol, and another carload for the Portland chapter, led by Deanna Robles and Kate Sena. 

The Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center had a call out for blankets to give to the families of local farm workers. Pam and her groups took the yarn and made some beautiful, warm, cushy binkies for them.

Thank you, Pam, for all that you do for so many organizations and for being my friend.

– Susan