If you use the Binky Patrol name, this is how to do it.

These are the instructions for chapters who want to have their own URL – that has Binky Patrol in the name:  www.CObinkypatrol.org, www.txbinkypatrol.org, etc.

To register a URL (web address – the part before www.), you MUST name Binky Patrol, Inc. as the Registrant. The name Binky Patrol is trademarked, and copyrighted. This is the only way we will recognize, list or link a URL that has the BinkyPatrol name in it in any way. You may list anyone you want as the technical, administrative contacts. You are the billing contact (or a sponsor). You are responsible for your own URL registration fees and hosting fees.

Your URL CANNOT be binkypatrol.(anything). It must designate your location or chapter name to help to minimize confusion.

Your website description (the part that the search engines pick up and show you) must say “This is the Binky Patrol (your city,state) site. Binky Patrol Headquarters official site is at www.binkypatrol.org”

www.budgetregister.com is the least expensive registration: $14.95 per year. They offer hosting space for additional money. Same with www.networksolutions.com. They charge $35 to register for one year and additional money for hosting. Your site must sit somewhere for people to access it.

Once you have a site, it must include:
Our logo,
Link to www.binkypatrol.org
Your chapter name
Binky Patrol mission statement.

Once you’re ready, let us know so we can link it to your chapter listing.

For more information about this, please ask Susan Finch. sfinch@binkypatrol.org