If you like to place big orders through JoAnn Fabric, you need to watch this video. You may not ever receive your order because it comes from too many places, but they don’t tell you that.

JoAnn is who our chapters rely on. We had two locations have big issues with a big event because they ordered the fabric and it processed for two weeks, then they were told it was canceled. We had no idea why and had to call several times until we were told that when you order from JoAnn you get no warning that items are coming from multiple suppliers. After you go past 3 for your order, even if it’s a small order, there’s a good chance they will cancel the order without warning.  So now we have to order 10 fleece kits of one fabric, then place a new order for 10 fleece kits of another fabric. Lot’s of extra packaging and hassle, but at least we know how to do it now!