The following is a step-by-step process for creating a no-sew binky.

ALL FABRIC – BEFORE YOU CUT FRINGE – CUT OFF THE SELVEDGE. They cannot be accepted without that cut-off. The edges are the selvedge – it looks so ugly.

PLEASE cut your fringes EVENLY.

DO NOT TIE them too tight, known as “choking the fringe.” They lay nicer.

OK, let’s get back to pattern.

Step 1:
Buy polar fleece – patterned or solid.  If you go with a smaller piece, keep in mind the colors and patterns for little kids and babies.  Larger – styles for teens.

Step 2:
If your piece is over 40″ wide and tall, you can cut fringe around all four sides.  If not, only do it on the two long sides.  Fringe is:
  1. A decorative border or edging of hanging threads, cords, or strips, often attached to a separate band.
  2. Something that resembles such a border or edging.

To cut fringe, use good, sharp scissors. Hopefully some that haven’t been used on paper.  Cut 3 to 4-inch strips.  Each strip is about an inch wide.  Do this all the way across the sides you are supposed to “fringe”.

Approximate Sizes:

-Baby 36x 36
40x 40-
Teens 50x 70

Step 3:
Tie a knot in each fringe strip as close to the top that hasn’t been cut as possible.  The part of the fring without the knot will dangle on the ends.



Step 4:
Sew on your Binky  Patrol label if you have one.  If not, we’ll sew it on for you. You’re done.  You’ve made a binky in under two hours that will make a child or teen feel loved.

Alternative Fringe:

Use scraps from another fleece binky.  Poke holes or cut slits around edge then, loop the alternative color strips in between and tie in a knot.  Cute way to add additional color without making it too heavy by using two pieces of fleece.

Remember:  JoAnnes and the rest of the stores want to sell you more fleece. You only need to do these SINGLE thickness.  Most of the time, double thickness is TOO heavy for kids — especially in California.