From Area Coordiantor, Ernalee Munday in Washington:

I like to machine applique quilts for kids.  My hands are not strong enough to hand applique anymore, so here is how I do it.

I find cute pictures or applique patterns online or in quilt pattern catalog books, etc.  I copy them in my printer and enlarge them to the “fit to page” size.  Then I take the copy to my local Office Depot and have them blow them up to 2’ x 3’ in their blueprint copier.  If you just go with black and white, the charge is $2.00 and change.  I keep a large tablet of tracing paper on hand.  I use it to trace over each object in the picture to make a piece of pattern.  Since my hands don’t work so well, I then use Wonder Under on whatever piece of fabric I am using.  Cut it out, put it in place, press and do the applique.  And that is how I am able to make some really cute machine applique quilts without having spent money I don’t have.

Most of the patterns you can buy from the catalogs or order online run around $9.98 and up.  By the time you add shipping and tax you can spend as much as $15.00 for a pattern.  I did that for my great-grandson’s quilt pattern.  Then I got smart and started using some of the modern equipment we have available, and now have several full-size patterns on my sewing room wall.  I would rather spend less than $5.00 than upwards of $15.00, and it is so easy.  Between poorly functioning hands and a small income, I can still do what the rest of the ladies do and feel like I am contributing to the kids out there who should have something cute to cover up with.