This is the signature BINKY pattern we use at events. They are simple and colorful. Here are some samples from our events using donated fabric. For over 27 years, Hoffman Fabrics has donated to BPHQ for events and to our Orange County chapters since that’s where we started. We get donated fabric from quilt shops, people cleaning out their stash, NextDoor, Facebook Marketplace and more!

Here’s how we make these:

Using a rotary cutter (if you have one – if not scissors are AOK!) we cut 4″ – 6″ strips from fabric by however wide the fabric is. You can mix up the sizes in your binky or keep them consistent. We find that 12 strips are a good size for older kids. If they are 6″ and you use 12 strips, this is perfect for tall teens. They take about 3 hours to make.

You can use your old stash, scrips, anything goes, they just need to be soft and washable with no special care required. Think laundromat and hot water tough.

Once you have your strips, sew them together in any order you want.

Trim the sides to even up the edges.

We use donated sheets, duvet covers, or you can use regular fabric or flannel for the backing.

We make a binky “sandwich” by cutting our BATTING (the fill) to be the same size as the top.

We cut a backing that frames the fabric – a few inches all the way around.

Lay your backing- pretty side down, then center the batting and the top face up.

We pin it by ROLLING the fabric so there are no raw edges and the backing covers a bit of the top.

Secure it with pins. We put the yellow heads OUT to cut down on bloody binkies as we sew.

Corners can be tricky. Some of our volunteers miter the edge. This is fancier than we usually do. We also just tidy it up and work around it without a mitered edge, but this looks WAY nicer.

Then, we run a couple of seams, or you can do fancier things in the middle to secure the top and bottom, especially through the wash.

Finally, sew on a Binky Patrol label in the corner – either by hand or machine.