Susan invited Lori on to the show after the recent Bink-A-Thon in Thousand Oaks. Binky Patrol Director, Carolyn Berndt hosted her event at One Spark Academy and knew Lori has the same heart as Binky Patrol. This inspiring conversation delves into making positive change through education and understanding. Host Susan Finch speaks with Lori Peters, executive director of One Spark Academy, about supporting students through a difficult time and empowering them to create meaningful connections. Lori explains how her alternative learning program focuses on “finding that one spark” in each child and nurturing it through small class sizes, engaging electives like gardening and cooking, and daily “circle time” to practice communication skills. She shares the powerful story of two boys resolving a conflict after weeks of learning these techniques. Their journey illustrates how patience, empathy, and an openness to listen can work wonders. As Lori says, “By creating supportive spaces for young people to develop self-awareness and compassion, we plant the seeds for a more peaceful world.”

About our guest:

Lori Peters is the founder of One Spark Academy. She wholeheartedly believes in the principles of teaching the whole child– meeting students’ academic, social, and emotional needs– and inspiring students to be healthy, balanced, and globally aware. In July 2011, after 16 years in public alternative education, Lori put her energy into helping students find their spark and enjoy learning with like-minded peers in a truly unique learning environment.



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