Today we have a special guest, Michelle Cramer, the founder of On Angels’ Wings. Michelle’s story is one of devotion and determination, and her mission is to improve the mental health and well-being of families with medically fragile children. On Angels’ Wings provides free therapeutic photography and grief recovery services to families who need it most. Michelle started doing bereavement photography 15 years ago, and the experience led her to start On Angels’ Wings in July of 2013. Today, the organization serves families all over Missouri and has recently expanded to Oklahoma City and will soon launch in Minneapolis. All photographers who volunteer with On Angels’ Wings are specially trained to handle the emotional challenges of working with families who have sick children. Michelle quit her job in June to work full-time for On Angels’ Wings, relying on salary support raising to cover her costs. Join us as we learn more about Michelle’s journey and the incredible impact On Angels’ Wings has on families in need.



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