In this episode welcomes Russ Cassvah, the founder of Little Brick’s Charity. Susan has been trying to get Russ on the show for over a year, and finally, they get to talk about his journey and the mission of Little Bricks Charity. The conversation begins with Russ sharing his passion for LEGO and how that led him to start a charity that delivers LEGO sets to children’s hospitals across the US. Russ talks about the challenges he faced as a one-man operation and how TikTok changed the game for him. He also shares his thoughts on the importance of seizing opportunities, the challenges of being a one-man operation, and how he manages to keep his nonprofit running on a tight budget. Russ and Susan discuss the importance of transparency, accounting, and branding to gain credibility and trust from donors and partners. They wrap up the episode by talking about the lessons Russ has learned as a nonprofit leader and how he plans to grow Little Bricks Charity in the future.



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