With fundraising and volunteer engagement always top of mind, nonprofits need to maximize their donor relationships. Susan’s penmanship can be challenging to read, even with the most heart-felt card she sends. Simply Noted provides nonprofits an easy way to personalize communication through handwritten notes, helping donors feel appreciated. Their customizable templates, bulk mailing discounts, and automation integrations enable nonprofits to scale personalized donor touches throughout the year. By sending consistent, meaningful communication outside of solicitations, nonprofits can improve donor loyalty and lifetime value. This outline explores how Simply Noted enables nonprofits to show extra appreciation, share updates, and invite supporters in a more genuine, memorable way. Binky Patrol is fortunate to have a sponsor for this account for the year. It’s time to get started on the piles of return addresses on blanket boxes and get those thank you’s out. We’re also going to use it to send our volunteers anniversary cards – we’d be nothing without their hearts and time!

About Our Guest:

Rick Elmore is founder and CEO of Simply Noted in Tempe, Arizona, a company that utilizes software and robotic technology to create personalized handwritten notes for its 300,000 monthly users.



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