This is not your episode if you want to remain with only one location and not scale your organization. If you want to grow – even slowly, here are some tips to increase the success of that growth and help retain your regional chapter leaders.

Here are a few ideas covered in this short episode:

  1. How-to videos.
  2. How to edit their info on your site – profile.
  3. Where are their tools – central location to make it easy for them to create letters, social posts, flyers, and thank you cards with their local info. Lock it down except for those pieces to keep it consistent with your brand.
  4. Ask for feedback once a year or more to ensure you still address your audiences with the materials.
  5. Who pays for printing? Do they need to submit expenses?
  6. Ask them for faqs you can add to the site – and credit them – they will feel supported and heard!
  7. Press kit they can easily access to make local grant-writing and sponsorship processes easier.