October 28 seven states coordinated a national blanket-making event. They each chose who would receive the blankets they made. They all had one thing in common – the recipients would be children and teens who were victims of or traumatized by violent crimes. Listen to this episode to hear the stories from four states: Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Oregon.

We can help any group coordinate one of these events, even if there isn’t a chapter near you. We’ve done this for remote teams, international teams, churches, quilt groups, service organizations, corporations large and small. If you want to bring the like-hearts near you together, consider a Bink-A-Thon.

This national event was sponsored by the MrBallen. Foundation.



Links from this episode:

Binky Patrol Comforting Covers
Center for Family Justice
Massachusetts Society for the Protection of Children
Mission of Deeds
Cape Cod Children’s Center
Comfort Cases
Project Horizon

Phillips Academy (andover.edu)
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Loudon County Public Library
Planet Pizza
Dutch Bros. Coffee


Other sponsors included Planet Pizza in Connecticut, Dutch Bros. in Beaverton, Hoffman Fabrics, Embassy Suites in Tigard, OR and our host locations. Many hands, as the saying goes.