Welcome to another episode of Volunteer All Heart from Binky Patrol. I’m your host Susan Finch, and today we have two of our amazing volunteers joining us to share their experiences hosting Bink-A-Thons in their communities.

First up is Binky Patrol director, Carolyn Berndt, one of our dedicated volunteers who helped organize a small but mighty Bink-A-Thon with kids from a local charter school. She knows the power of involving youth in service.

We’ll also hear from Daphne Boyd, a longtime New Jersey Binky Patrol Area Coordinator who partnered with her local library for a Bink-A-Thon. Daphne knows the importance of engaging senior volunteers, using online volunteer platforms, and allowing flexible participation.

Both ladies have great tips to share from their events, which the MrBallen Foundation sponsored. They’ll inspire you with how our volunteers unite to make blankets and hope for children and families nationwide. Stay tuned!

Here are some key tips from this episode and our recent event:

  • Partner with organizations receiving donations to help promote and recruit event volunteers through their newsletters, social media, etc.
  • Involve youth groups like Girl Scouts or school kids to participate in service activities. It teaches them to help others.
  • Engage senior communities in making items, giving them a sense of purpose.
  • Use online volunteer platforms like VolunteerMatch.org to manage and recruit volunteers. Have multiple admins.
  • List your non-profit in volunteer directories like 211 and United Way to increase visibility.
  • Consider hosting events in different seasons to provide more opportunities for involvement.
  • Block enough time for setup, the event itself, and clean-up when planning. Allow some flexibility.
  • Develop partnerships with local schools, companies, stores, etc. to host drives or service days.
  • Provide options for volunteers with limited time, like setup/cleanup help only.



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