Kids lend their artistic talent to Binky Patrol

 Schoolpower benefitted from the Laguna Beach Classic – Trail Run/5K.  As usual, we were the most popular booth with the kids.  They were willing for forego pancake breakfast, awards and all to be able to draw for Binky Patrol.

Marie Cauthen took charge of the kids’ tables.  They loved working with her and hearing her praises for their artistic talents.  Over 20 binky tops were made by Susan Staebell and Susan Finch during the four-hour event.

The kids loved seeing their art on display as they were quickly sewn into tops using fabric from Hoffman California Fabrics.

Kinane Events, the event coordinators, spoiled Binky Patrol rotten!  The event was held at the Sawdust Festival grounds in Laguna Beach Canyon and we were given a great booth that is usually used for artists’ demonstrations and hands-on workshops.  It was PERFECT!

Many of the children and teens asked if they could make more than one square.  We had plenty this time so we gave them a limit of five.  Most did two and a few maxed it out.  During the event we enjoyed the musical talents of the Laguna Beach High School Jazz Band.  It was terrific and sounded so professional.

Susan Staebell whipped up most of the binkies for the day on her, always popular, grandmother’s sewing machine.  The kids are always facinated by how it works.

We had people of all ages helping us.  Parents, teens as well as a few between two and three years old.  It was an easy day thanks to Susan Staebell, Marie Cauthen and Kinane Events.