We have been asked to help many of you with updating your chapter page.  Please understand that we have 160+ (and growing) chapters.  Here is a visual, step by step instruction to updating your page.  Have fun! 

The link you all need to actually log on is:

 STEP 1 – Log On
step 1

STEP 2 – Pages Link
step 2

STEP 3 – Finding YOUR page
step 3

STEP 4 – Your page found
step 4

STEP 5 – Working with your page
step 5

STEP 6 – Working with pictures
step 6

STEP 7 – Selecting a picture to upload
step 7

STEP 8 –  Inserting your picture
step 8

STEP 9 – uploading your page
step 9

That’s it – Congratulations!  You’ve just worked on a web page!

Contact Susan or Lisa and let them know that your page has been updated and needs to be reviewed so that we can release it live.