Shannon Kmetic, founder of Angels in the Outfield, joins Susan Finch to discuss her mission of supporting children impacted by crime and abuse. Kmetic shares how her experience as a prosecutor showed her the need to help children after going through trauma and the justice system. She details the year-round work Angels in the Outfield does to give kids opportunities to pursue their passions, from sports gear to college visits, and provide a sense of normalcy. Kmetic emphasizes the power of helping children heal through positive outlets and relationships. As Susan describes their upcoming collaboration providing blankets to Angels’ holiday store, Kmetic thanks participants for giving children warmth, security, and care. Together, they model uplifting partnerships that allow grassroots groups to transform children’s lives. Will you join them by volunteering time or donating to organizations like Angels in the Outfield?

About Shannon Kmetic

Shannon was a Deputy District Attorney for Clackamas County when she founded the Angels in the Outfield in 2009.  She had been a prosecutor since 1996, and her caseload for quite some time had involved domestic violence and child physical and sexual abuse cases.  Shannon had just prosecuted one of the worst sexual abuse in her career, and she realized that more had to be done for this young victim and others like her. She was worried that the “system” was not equipped to deal with long-term issues related to victimization and healing. Shannon was blessed with a wonderful family and supportive parents, but not all children, including vulnerable children who are abused and neglected, get to experience what she did.

Shannon’s hope was, and is, that the Angels in the Outfield will provide hope to children who fall within our mission. Getting to experience or do things that they may not have otherwise, or participate in an activity or event, or have something that will assist them daily will be the impetus for healing.



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