This information was sent to us about a charity group doing similar work. We wanted to share this story.

I was looking in one of my quilting magazines and they had an article about Binkies.  After reading the article it was not about Binky Patrol, but a group called "Binky Brigade"   They give their small Binkies (as small as 15 x 15) out to children in war torn areas.   The binkies provide comfort to children witnessing the perils of war and also allow troops to build positive relationships with the families they are trying to protect.

There are times when we receive very small binkies and it is sometimes hard to find a home for them.  We usually give them to the hospitals for the preemies.  In the future, if the hospitals don’t need them, we could send them to this group.
THIS IS NOT A REQUEST TO MAKE MORE SMALL BINKIES!!!  But for those we sometimes get, we can forward them to a group in need. 
I just wanted to send this out to you as a human interest article where other Blanket Charities are making a difference.
Rhonda Green, Co-Chair
West Valley Binky Patrol
"Creating Comfort Covers, Because We Care"

Submitted June 2009