UCLA students gathered together to make Binkies

Recently UCLA students gathered together to make Binkies.  Please read on to learn more!

"The program was done in one of the dorms on campus, called De Neve Evergreen-Fir. I am one of the student leaders in the dorms and I co programed it with Kenny Ramos, a fellow team member. There’s actually a group of 7 of us and we plan programs that are intended to help residents develop a sense of community building, leadership, academic success, and many other things that are apart of the mission statement of our Office of Residential Life, which I believe every college campus has. Um… I’m not sure what else I could provide about that…Well, we bought the fabric from Joann’s and originally the plan was to make blankets for older children, teens, or even adults. However, when we saw this fabric, we absolutely fell in love with how it was so soft and warm, that we changed our agendas and decided to make them for toddlers or children instead. There were about a few hours of prep time, where Kenny and I cut the fabric to the correct dimensions and the day of the actual program, we had residents come in and they helped tie strips of the fabric into pre-cut slits that Kenny and I had made. The program turned out really well and it was easy to manage….except being that the fabric was so soft, we had fluff everywhere in our lounge! It looked like it snowed in there and everybody walked out covered in fleece. It was actually really funny and it seemed like everybody had fun, so it was a minor problem! In fact, the program was such a success, that we decided to make it our community service tradition!"

Huong Pham




Thank you for all you do!