A HUGE thanks goes out to each of you particpating in the 11th Annual Home Group and Surrounding Chapters Bink-a-thon!  Thanks for keeping me in line, on time and in good spirits!

I agree with SS, the pizza worked out very well and did not take as much time to eat!  I did not get any complaints except that the pizza slices were larger than the plates — so, in my mind that means no complaints!  Folks did not even grumble at no soda!!!  Clean up after the meal was easy and only one piece left, so no making sure the left overs were taken care of!

Most surprising thing of the day:  We actually had chocolate left over!

(In the ongoing effort to eliminate fabric storage and clean out the junk and scraps – Susan Staebell, Miriam Siegel and crew have been ruthless not allowing anyone to leave without fabric!)

Funniest thing of the day: 
Susan Staebell had to take home the box of scraps she brought to put in the white bags!!!   (Sorry SS that is just a hoot!)

Hardest thing of the event: 
Tie between, Keeping the flow going during the BAT and walking in to do set up on Friday and finding the chairs still set up for church (big surprise but we did not need the entire room, so we just consolidated them rather than stacking and storing!)  so, neither are very bad at all!

It was impossible to pick out a favorite quilt this year, we had amazing fabric to work with!  AND ONCE AGAIN MANY THANK-YOUS CAME FROM THE SEWERS AS THE SQUARES WERE SO SQUARE!  EXCELLENT CUTTING!!

We had only 17 unused kits left, one piece of pizza and candy.  There may be enough thread to last a lifetime!  There is plenty of tieing thread left, still a good selection of colors, too!   I did not get a final count on binkies that still need batting, seven I think.

Wow, thanks again, your help, your dedication, your talents and your sweet little selves!

We had no power problems.  It was a great success and a lot of fun!