submitted by: Lisa Gorlinski

This wonderful letter was sent by the Leader of Girl Scout Troop 2154665-0640.

Hi Carolyn,
Well the girls had a blast making 6 cozy blankets at our meeting this last Friday.  They used some of the money that they made selling Girl Scout Cookies to purchase the materials.  We would love it if you could come to our next meeting on Friday May 2nd to pick up the blankets and speak briefly to the girls about Binky Patrol and TAPS. Our meetings start at 3:15 and go until about 5:00.  Please let me know if that works for you.

Best Regards, Lisa Gorlinski, Leader Girl Scout Troop 2154665-0640

The Binky Patrol Org. is always happy to receive information about people who help bring comfort to those in need by making and donating Binkies.  If you have a Binky story to share, please send it to us!