Volunteer Opportunity

Attention Volunteers:   Update – March 9, 2010:

One million people have now either committed or completed their service through opportunities found at DisneyParks.com via the Volunteer Opportunity Portal.

If you COMPLETE THE COMMITMENT (deliver the blankets), the organization you volunteered for will validate you within a couple of days. If you are a NO SHOW for the date YOU PROMISED, you are marked as NO SHOW in the system and you will not receive a voucher.  

IF you Expressed Interest and have been making blankets at home but have NOT yet delivered them and have NOT COMMITTED to a delivery date, we regret to inform you that you will not be able to receive a voucher.

IF you HAVE committed to a delivery date, you are OK and a voucher is on reserve for you. HOWEVER, if you fail to deliver your blankets on the agreed upon date, we will mark you as a NO-SHOW and you will not receive a voucher from Disney.  That will be the end of it. 

Your blankets will STILL make a difference, even if you don’t get something in return for making them other than the knowledge that you are comforting children in need. We encourage you to complete your blankets and donate them to a Binky Patrol chapter near you.

If you have turned in blankets to a BINKY PATROL CHAPTER and have not received an email from HANDS ON or DISNEY THANKING you for volunteering, you may not be validated. Contact the Area Coordinator you were working with to check your verification status.

Please DO NOT contact the Area Coordinators to find out when you will receive your vouchers from Disney. Once we verify your participation, our part is complete and the rest is up to the HandsOn folks and Disney.