Binkies — according to our brigade of foster moms, need to be at least 36″ square, preferably 36″ plus up to twin bed size. They can be sewn, knitted, crocheted, quilted. If they are “tied off” with yarn or ribbon, please make sure they are double knotted so that strong young children and toddlers can’t pull them out and eat them. Some of you have sent binkies that require gentle wash and cool dry. Please remember, binkies go to shelters and hospitals or to poorer families. They must be able to be washed and dried in hot water. It’s just not kind to expect our recipients to keep track of special care items. SIMPLICITY works great.
   Also, try not to have fringe and ties longer than 1″ for the same reason. Gaping holes in crocheted patterns also are not recommended – kids stretch them over the darndest places and get stuck. The little tiny babies need them very light weight so they can easily be kicked off if they get too warm. Children 4 and up to teens – anything goes. Have fun. Be creative. Preemies seem to need the crocheted and knitted binkies more, they come in handy to drape the incubators and are not too heavy.

Non-crafters are needed too!
  Many of our BP volunteers never come near a sewing machine or scissors.  Headquarters in So. Cal needs help with mailings, phone trees, pick ups/deliveries. Many chapters have expressed a need for telephone help, storage of materials, picking up older volunteers and organizing Kid Parties to make binkies as a group for birthdays, etc. Some volunteers offer to speak to service organizations, churches and schools. There is always a way to help.
These moms were hoping there was a need for St. John Knit binky models. Good try. I don’t think so…. But they did help fold, stack and count later which came in handy after everyone was exhausted from the St. Ann School Bink-a-Thon in Laguna Niguel, CA.

This Isn’t the County Fair
So don’t worry if you aren’t the straightest sewer or your crochet stitches aren’t always even.  Can you wash/dry it?  Is it soft?  Did it come from the heart?   Then it’s PERFECT!

Founder Susan Finch shows that you don’t need much skill to make a really cool binky. This was made from knit scraps and cotton scraps – not the straightest, but more than one child wanted it!

A great chance for parents and kids to make a difference.

Kid’s make the “bestest” binkies. Handpainted squares mixed with solids or simple blocks make the happiest and most treasured binkies of all. Local children and teens from 4 – 16 helped out at the St. Anne Bink-A-Thon and made these squares. They were later sewn into binkies that were given to local area shelters.
Know a few people that like to relax and chat from time to time?  Can they sew, knit or crochet?  How about their kids — do they like to decorate fabric with heartwarming pictures and messages?  Viola! 
  You have a local Binky Patrol chapter just waiting to be started.  It’s that easy.  If you don’t have fabric and are in one of the 48 contingent states — we are usually able to send it to you.  This has brought many neighbors together and given parents more time with their children while teaching them about compassion towards others.
  Let us know where you are.  There may already be a chapter in your area. 

Alice’s White Rabbit Syndrome…Always late and out of time?  Never enough hours in the day — yet you want to help…
Cash contributions (checks) made out to Binky Patrol help with administrative costs for our buttons (pins) to wear and give to younger volunteers, special event mailing, printing, postage, embroidered labels for binkies, etc.  Some people even send gift certificates for KINKOS (our neighborhood printer), Jo-Ann Fabrics and other online quilt stores. Send us postage stamps ($.20 and $.34).  It is tax deductible and who knows, after a while, you may want to find yourself wanting to kick back with a needle, some thread, a bit of time and a warm feeling in your heart and MAKE A BINKY!!!  One binky is better than no binkies.  This isn’t a race.  

“Unfortunately, there will always be a child waiting for YOUR binky.  I wish we’d run out of children to give them to.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful world?” Susan

We’ve recently signed up with If you shop online, they may have what you are looking for and your purchase would help BP earn money for batting, postage, yarn, etc. It’s free to sign up. If you or someone you refer happens to shop within the first 45 days — we could earn lots of $$$ to help support each chapter.