Couldn’t resist the headline.

For those of you who are interested in participating in this year’s Bink-A-Thon and want to get more involved….Here is a link for Area Coordinators, Binky Mentors and gung-ho volunteers!

More information will be posted in the next few months. Even if you are not in a chapter, you can participate. We’ll have sign up forms for EVERYONE next month.

OCTOBER 27, 2001
9 a.m to 3 p.m. (or something close to that)

What is a Bink-A-Thon?

A Bink-A-Thon is an event where a large group gathers for one day to make as many blankets as possible to be given to a local shelter or hospital. There are stations set up for sewing, tying the blankets off with yarn, painting squares (younger children love this part) and just organizing the fabric.

Last year’s Bink-A-Thon (BAT) involved 14 states and produced over 2300 blankets within 6 hours. Money was raised to help offset costs for each chapter – batting, yarn, postage stamps and printing of promotional materials to gain more volunteers.

If you aren’t near a Bink-A-Thon location or would like to help from a distance you can do it a couple of ways: Sponsor a Bink-A-Thon participant or chapter. Pledge an amount of money per binky made or a flat amount. Some people like to sponsor chapters in their own state to help that chapter’s efforts to make binkies for local children and teens. Some like to sponsor the “home” chapter for the national effort. You can also make “kits”. Enough fabric to make a 36 x 48 binky is a “kit”. Just send it to headquarters, or drop off near your local chapter, or mail to another participating chapter.