During the past six years, our Newtown Presbyterian Church has been using a new approach to teaching our children in Sunday School. We followed The Workshop Rotation Model, begun in Chicago, converting traditional classrooms into exciting learning centers. Teachers were recruited to teach a six week unit and taught the same lesson each week with simple adjustments depending on the age level. The children rotate through the different spaces spending a week in each workshop. Our areas include art, video, computer, cooking, puppet/drama/dance, music/mission and Bible Alive/Library. The Rotation Model gave us a way to teach the same Bible stories we’ve always taught in a kid friendly, teacher friendly, and facility friendly way.

Our program continues to grow, Biblical literacy has increased, and the children retain the stories of faith and their implication for today. If you are interested in learning more about this program, log on to www.rotation.org  

This year we have a six week mission unit and have again decided to make Binky Blankets. Each class is making 3 – 4 Binkies. The pictures I’m sending show one of the classes measuring, cutting, tying, and displaying their handiwork. They have also written notes of caring to those who will receive the blankets. To allow the congregation to share in our project we are encouraging those who shop at our local Acme to become Albertson Community Partners that will benefit the Binky Patrol.

Mary Rowland tells us that our blankets will go to a local group that aids abused children.

When they are delivered there will be a time for pictures. We are eager to be able to show our Sunday School children how their project has affected the lives of others.

Polly Jamison, Art Coordinator
Newtown, Presbyterian Church
Newtown, PA 18940


Dear Mary Rowland,

I’m attaching some of the many pictures I took during the past 4 weeks
as our Newtown Presbyterian Church children were making Binky Blakets.  They
also wrote cards to send along with the blankets as they are distributed.

I am sending the 14 blankets they have completed along with the cards to
you via. my daughter Linda Berry who lives in Mechanicsburg – about 2 miles
from you.  I don’t plan to be out your way for a while.  I am giving her you
phone number and address and she will be in touch with you to discuss a
proper time to deliver the blankets to you.

Hope you are enjoying a blessed Thanksgiving!!!  Many thanks again for
all you do for others!!!

Polly Jamison