Sometimes it is necessary for a chapter to close.  This is OK.  We are so appreciative of what you have done to help the children and teens we serve.

In order to close your chapter properly, you need to send us an email: — please tell us your name, phone and your chapter location.

We also need a final report from you to close it out properly along with any receipts sent in to our PO Box.

Finally, if you have any assets, including money that was turned around to you for use for Binky Patrol materials, etc. they need to be returned to Binky Patrol.  Money can be sent in as a check with a note “for closing out chapter.”

If you have other assets: batting, yarn, sewing machines, etc. those items should be given to the chapter nearest you or sent to Binky Patrol, Inc.    If you have a large amount and there is no chapter near you, contact us for suggestions.  We need to account for these items.  They can also be donated to another local organization that is a 501c3 corporation who can provide a tax receipt to even out the accounting.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Thank you,

Susan Finch, Founder