In addition to your own chapter page, you can take advantage of the “upcoming events” section of the website. 

This is in the administration area under: “events”. You can add events — your chapter meetings, special events and celebrations.  Does your chapter have an anniversary?  Post it here too.  It warms up the community and gives others ideas for events, etc.

Log in to the Administration portion of the website.  http//
Click on the “events” button in the left navigation. 
Click on “add” at the top. 

Give your event a title. 
Check “Active”
Check “public” for everyone, not just AC’s to see (if you don’t check it  — only AC’s can see — perfect for birthday announcements, anniversary’s, new babies, etc.
Pick a “start” and “end” date.
Fill in your venue — where will it be held?
Agenda — who, what when and contact details.

If you need a sign up form to go with your event, or would like some type of survey, etc. let us know and we’ll create it for you so it can be linked on your event.

Click “add”.

It will be pending so HQ can review it.  We look at these all of the time and can help you with them.

That’s it!