(Crawfordsville) Journal Review. 35 volunteers ranging in age from 6 to 92 — including Girl Scouts, middle-schoolers in a club called Kids Care, nursing home residents and the Waveland Quilters — finished 168 blankets for newborns, the sick and the needy. The 6-hour session at Grace and Mercy Ministries, organized by the Binky Patrol, doubled last year’s effort.

Below is an e-mail from Angela Largent describing her chapter’s “Make A Difference Day” Award great work!  Also click here for news coverage of her chapter.

I was so shocked and surprised.  The ladies in our chapter work so hard.  I’m so proud of them!  Our local newspaper editor called me yesterday and wanted to meet with me.  ur chapter got an award from the Make A Difference Day, 2002.  It is framed and all. Isn’t that wonderful?  I called some of the ladies who come to work day and had them there for the presentation.  We had about 12 women there on such short notice.  After all they have made the chapter what it is today.  The editor, Tina, said it would be in this weekend’s USA, the little magazine that comes with the paper.  

In our chapter, the mission is two fold. Starting with the senior in the nursing facilities and ladies with disabilities.  I have found out they are the ones having the extra time to work and they love the opportunity to be of help.  Our mailing list is up to over 100 going out every month.  To tell you the truth, I need to find a residence for Binky Patrol.

I’m looking hard for a place to house all of it.  Our church has been very helpful and I really think they will come through with helping out.  The church has a workday on Saturday, for yard work and etc.  Buford is going over to help and see what is available room wise.  They have already been very kind to me with letting me have workday there every month.  My home is wall-to-wall, fabric, binkies and papers with phone numbers.  I’m so proud of my group.  I hope we did well for you.