Fullerton News Tribune – March 12, 1998


Talk about a full plate!  Jerry Duffner barely has room for another morsel on this daily menu.

Duffner is a full-time marketing major at Cal State Fullerton, a full-time manager for Target stores food court in Anaheim Hills, a bridegroom-to-be planning his August 8 wedding and a part time “seamster.”

That’s not just any seamstering, mind you.  Duffner makes blankets for children in need, primarily infants born HIV-positive, drug-addicted and the chronically ill.

He got involved through his finacee, Pattye Duffner, who neads the North Orange County Chapter of the Binky Patrol.  In 1996 Byrd learned of South Laguna Beach resident Susan Finch who shared her project on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

At the time, Byrd, a student at the Interior Design Institute figured her sewing acumen and volunteer mindset could put her in a position to help.  A year later, Byrd started her own Binky chapter.

Duffner, who learned to sew from his mother and in home economics classes in junior high school, completed two blankets the first year the binky group met.

“We’d like to see more menb join our group,” said Duffner, who helps coordinate the monthly meetins at the Orange home of Merrilee Green.  (Call 633-1927 for information.)

Last month, the group donated 50 blankets to area hosptials, including Kaiser Permanente, St. Joseph, Western Medical Center and Martin Luther.

What’s the reward?

“When you give something to the young hospital patients, you see parents in tears and know they will remember their children were able to have something of their own when they recover,” Duffner said.


For More Information Contact:

Binky Patrol Comforting Covers for Kids
PO Box 652, Beaverton, OR 97075-652
Tel: 949-499-BINK