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Binky Patrol Comforting Covers for Kids
PO Box 652 Beaverton, OR 97075-652
Tel: 949-499-BINK




Local Resident Gathers Blankets and Volunteers to Help
Children and Teens in Need of Comfort.

Volunteers Needed to do Easy Stuff!

(Today’s Date) — (your city) resident, (your name) has started a local chapter of Binky Patrol.  This all volunteer national non-profit organization makes and gives handmade blankets to children in need.  Recipients are from ages one day to 18 years.  Those who are ill, abused or experiencing trauma receive binkies.

Binky Patrol was started in May of 1996 by Susan Finch of Laguna Beach, California.  She saw a need above raising funds for these hospitals and shelters.   Mrs. Finch noticed, “The children in these hospitals and shelters are frightened and without familiar surroundings.  They need to have something of their own to hold onto when they wake up in the middle of the night crying or before they recieve one more treatment for cancer.  They need to know someone cares and is always thinking about them.”

(Ms. your name) needs more volunteers in (your city) to make the blankets for these children.  Binkies can be any size from 3′ square and up and made from any pattern.  The blankets can be sewn, knitted, crocheted or quilted.  The only requirement is that they are soft and washable.  So far over 75,000 children and teens have received binkies across the country.  Locally the blankets will be distributed to (name some shelters and hospitals you will be giving your chapter’s binkies to).

Volunteers range from the four year olds that handpaint squares for binkies up to a 94 year old great-grandmother of 10 in the Midwest.  Scouting troops, schools, churches have all started chapters across the country for community service projects and to learn about compassion.

To join this effort or find out other ways to help the (your city) chapter of Binky Patrol, please call (your name) at (your number) or contact their national headquarters at 949-499-BINK or e-mail at