your special needs child or adult can help

How your “Special Needs” Adult can help!

Binky Patrol is a GREAT organization, in which your special needs child or adult can help!  It teaches responsibility, caring about others and compassion through making blankets, cutting and organizing fabric and much more!  All you need is to be able to follow simple directions!   Many of our chapters have Special Needs people helping.  They are great!  They are prompt and follow directions as given, with minimal questions.  They understand the task at hand and do it well.

Responsibility is taught through cutting and organizing fabric squares.  In order to do this, one must pay attention to cutting squares at a given size, and from a given material, through use of a template or ruler and washable markers.  Organizing fabric is a responsible task as well because the volunteer must organize cut fabric by size and color into specific bins, bags or milk crates.  They must be responsible enough to follow simple directions.

Through making blankets for children and teens in hospitals and shelters, caring and compassion is taught.  Blankets are as simple as cutting fringe and tying a knot!  Again, all you need to know how to do is follow simple directions, and you can do ANYTHING!  If any of your organizations have sewing machines, we have pre-cut quilt kits you can make too.

 If you and your special needs adult or child would like to help, contact your local Area Coordinator from the drop down menu on 

Thank You!