VERY basic quilt for Binky Patrol

This tutorial will teach you how to make a VERY basic quilt for Binky Patrol.

Binding-less Quilts

Sounds weird, doesn’t it?  A couple of volunteers have asked me about this before, so I figured I would post a tutorial about it. 

Many of our chapter leaders use this style (Bind-less, pillowcase method of quilting) so that beginners can get started on their own quilts with minimal difficulty.  If you receive a quilt kit from a chapter, this is the most common way it would be done!  

It is probably much simpler than you would think; simply make your quilt as you normally would, but leave the binding out.  So simple a Girl Scout could do it; and in fact, many of them do!  As young as SEVEN, children can be taught to make this very style of quilts!  Anyway, don’t add the binding and zigzag stitch an inch from the edge around the quilt.  “Kills two birds with one stone!”  By that I mean, that by zigzagging through all three layers, you are not only quilting your “binkie,” but also giving a finished look to it!  Just remember that a binkie, or comforting cover, is at least a 3 foot square, and no bigger than a twin sized blanket. On with the tutorial!

Piece your quilt using any pattern:


               Log Cabin                                                               Nine-Patch


Add the batting (depending on the size, and in accordance with how your local chapter wants each quilt) by sewing it to the bottom of the quilt top using a straight stitch around the sides, so as to keep it in place. 

Now add the bottom; this will be done in such a way that you don’t see three sides of the seams, and trim the excess of the fourth, unless you are familiar with the “professional” method of doing this, by leaving just enough room for your hand to fit to pull the quilt right side out. 

So begin with prints facing from quilt top and quilt bottom.  Sew a straight stitch on ONLY three sides, inserting your hand into the quilt and pulling it right-side out when you get to the fourth.  After the quilt is right side out, and the corners are crisp, sew a straight stitch across the fourth side.  Quilt in zigzag stitch one inch in from the edges and you’re done!!



Happy Sewing!

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Thanks for reading!!


Pictures courtesy of Samantha DeMato