Here are a series of questions that I’m sure more than one of you has had. I thought it would be helpful to post the questions and answers.

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OK, we had our first meeting and it went very well.  Now I have questions!

We got 69 blankets.  I only have tax receipts for 26 of them.  The other people didn’t want receipts and I donated some that I still need to write receipts for.  Do I just sign for my own blankets?  That seems weird.  But ok.

You still have to have receipts for your records.
You sign the receipts for all.  No matter who makes them.

Then, What do I do about the people that don’t want receipts filled out.  Just fill them out without a name?
As long as your copy has the amount and they know what amount you are putting in — it’s their business with the IRS — not to worry.  You’re covered.

How about this one…I got a donation of fabric, 50 yards.  That values at $300 according to the garage sale values page.  The manual says to write a letter to the person.  I gave her a tax receipt already and can send out a letter, but what should it say?
"Thank you for the fabric donation.  It was valued at $300 and will really help us make a ton of cuddly binkies!"  It’s more of a formal thank you note.  It can be REALLY short.

I also have purchased at least 100 yards of fabric because I was worried that nobody would have fabric and people would want to help and there would be nothing to help with.  How do I go about writing that off?  Or, should I just hold some back until we need more fabric?  I had several volunteers take some fabric and yarn that was donated, but not that much.  I also got a lot of yarn donated, but they didnt’ want receipts either.
Do you have the receipt for the 100 yards?  If so, you turn in the receipt to your "chapter" — write yourself a tax receipt for the exact donation — the amount on the receipt.  Keep the receipt for your taxes, if you itemize.

When people make blankets out of the donated stuff, I understand that they don’t get a tax receipt, but how am I supposed to keep track of who took what and made what with what.  Confused?  I sure am.
Just a tally of yards in and yards out — nothing too complicated.  We don’t care who took it — just so you don’t have an excess record of materials on hand at the end of the year  when you’ve really given it out and don’t have it.  The fabric and materials left at the end of the year become an asset on our corporate taxes.

I also read somewhere that you want a list of volunteers and addresses correct?  SOme people wanted to be annonymous.  Is that ok too?
We’ve used this in the past because once in a while something dramatic or tragic has happened to a chapter leader.  It was a way to keep the communication with the chapter open and to check on the well-being of the ailing AC.  It’s more like an emergency card that you used to have in school.

I’m sure I will have more questions for you.

oh, yeah, when I give the blankets, I am supposed to get a tax receipt too correct?  What if I donate some place and they say they are going to send me a receipt and then they never do? 

Take a receipt with you.  You’ll have the number of binkies and just need them to initial it.  Leave them their copy and you keep the rest for your records with their facility information, etc.

here is the website with pictures of our first meeting

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