Job’s Daughters of California has helped Binky Patrol chapters in the state in more ways than one.  The value of their donation goes beyond a check.

When Binky Patrol was selected to be the focus of the year-long project by Job’s Daughters of California, there was excitement throughout the chapters.

Not only did the various bethels contribute over 1,600 binkies, but they also helped to raise $7,500 to benefit Binky Patrol.

At an average value of $15 per binky, the value of the binky donation alone is $24,000.  These binkies went to various chapters in the state of California.  With all of the disasters in the country this year and the continued efforts other charities are putting into helping the tsunami victims from last December, the boost in binkies really helped to meet the needs of the local chapters.

The money donated was split between Binky Patrol, Inc. and the individual chapters.  The chapters use the money to offset costs for yarn, batting, postage and printing to keep their chapters running.  Binky Patrol, Inc. is using the money towards upgrading some of the computer software, pay for storage of fabric, printing for stationary, the phone line and post office box.

Binky Patrol is so grateful to this organization for their generosity, love and enthusiasm they gave to our project.

(photos to come from the presentation event).