Binkies can be sewn, knitted, crocheted, or quilted. The only requirement is that they are at least 3′ square, soft, washable — all pins removed! and that they come from the heart. We have no set patterns because we have volunteers working with all skill levels and styles. We wouldn’t want to hinder your creativity. We have a few patterns downloadable on the site.

If you have Binkies that you want to donate, please check our Chapters section to find the Area Coordinator closest to you!

Many people ask us to send patterns.  We will continue to add links as people send us patterns.  There are no set patterns for binkies.  As long as they are soft and washable.  Keep in mind the age group you are making the binky for and use basic logic.

If it is for a small child who can’t walk yet, don’t make it so heavy that they can’t kick it off at night or with such large holes if crocheted that they can slip an arm through and get tangled.

If it is for a teen or older child, they want it snuggly — and so it doesn’t look like a “baby” blanket.

We always seem short on binkies for boys 12-18.  They need them just as much as the girls.  They are much taller — Couch throw size is good for them.  Any size from a stroller size that won’t get caught under the wheels is also good for carseats, crib size, receiving blanket size on up to something large enough for a twin bed.  Any size is welcomed.  Keep the recipient in mind — their age — when choosing colors or patterns.  My guess is an 18 year-old boy wouldn’t be as keen on Elmo as a young preschooler.

If you want patterns and can’t find them online – go to your local library.  There are TONS of patterns in great books that you can borrow.  Keep this simple, don’t overthink it, please.

When you have your binkies made you have a few options:

  • You can give your binkies to a local chapter (see the chapter pulldown menu at the top for your local chapter.).
  • If there isn’t a local chapter, you may mail them to the nearest chapter or to Binky Patrol HQ in California:

Use the USPS whenever possible, as slow as possible to save you money. Send to:

Binky Patrol, Inc.
PO Box 652
Beaverton, OR  97075-0652

It costs more, but if you are using FedEx or UPS, send here:
Binky Patrol, Inc.
c/o Susan Finch
6490 SW Elm Ave.
Beaverton, OR  97005

  • Or, you can simply take our inspiration and lead — just make blankets and find a local area shelter or hospital or agency to give them to.  You don’t have to be a volunteer for Binky Patrol to do this.  If you choose this option, we’re glad that we inspired you and wish you well as you help to comfort the children and teens in your area.