Over 250 binkies were made by 85 volunteers.  The volunteers included members of the Orange County Lutheran School Key Club, Laguna Beach High School students, High-Tide Perlers Knitting Guild, eight Binky Patrol chapters, and other Orange County locals.

This crocheted binky was donated by a Laguna Hills resident.  It was shipped along with 100 other binkies to the families of emergency workers in NYC.

The morning started early for those setting up at the Laguna Beach Retirement Community October 27.  Latte’s were waiting for those rubbing the sleep out of their eyes and by 9:00 a.m. there were over 100 people – including 50 students waiting to help.  There was a shortage of tables, so unforunately, some had to be turned away.  Next year the event will be in a much larger location.  After three years at the Retirement Community, Binky Patrol has outgrown it.  We’ll miss the residents and kind employees – but the need to expand it WONDERFUL!

Firefighter, Chuck Czuleger from Fullerton joined us at the event.  He is the son of Dorothy Czuleger fom the St. Edward’s Binky Patrol Chapter.  He made a presentation to show everyone the faces of those lost in the 9/11 tragedy.  It resembled a very solemn yearbook display.  The photos seemed endless.  The binkies made at this location were going with Chuck.  He and his family are wrapping them individually and the Fullerton Firefighters Local #3421 is paying to ship them to the New York Fire Department for distribution to the families.

Everyone worked together beautifully.  The students worked so hard too — right up until Wahoo’s Fish Taco arrived to serve lunch.  Then, it seems, with full tummies the younger volunteers started to disappear.  We don’t blame them wanting to hold out until lunch arrived.  Next year, we’ll let everyone know that only ALL DAY people get free Wahoo’s.

As a result of this event, at least 20 new people have joined the local chapters of Binky Patrol.  We can’t wait to get to know them all better.  Thank you to everyone who participated. 

The drawing for the two opportunity quilts took place:  The California Opportunity Quilt was won by Miriam Siegel.  The National Opportunity Quilt was won by a Long Beach resident.  Area Coordinator, Mary Uht’s mother – Martha Thuente.

Special thanks to event chairperson, Laura McCoy and the team who helped her put it all together – Miriam Siegel, Lisa Nagurski, Susan Staebell, Carolyn Berndt, Nancy Healey and the rest!  2002 will be even bigger and better.

Additional thanks to the High Tide Perlers — not only for their participation, but for their donation.  These ladies have been involved with Binky Patrol for over 4 years.  Their efforts are very much appreciated.  They also brought 24 binkies!