Huggable Octopus

This Huggable Octopus is fun and easy to make and uses leftovers of yarn crafters have.

A variation on the video tutorial of “How make a Japanese Yarn Octopus” uses no removable parts which children recipients could easily choke on, and is simple and FUN to make.  Recipients will be happy too, as these huggable octopi, can use any type of yarn, no matter how much or how little the crafter has. 

    They are very simple; however, adding eyes (especially the glue on type) is NOT ACCEPTABLE!
Winding yarn very loosely long ways around a 12 inch ruler, tie off a small piece for the head tightly about 3-4 inches long.  Cut bottom strands and braid, overhand knotting at ends.

This octopus is not only huggable for a child going through a bad time, but comforting, and easy to make.