Questions About Volunteer Activity Verification

Questions About Volunteer Activity Verification

19. How does my volunteer service get verified? Who does the verification?
HandsOn Network will work with the specific organization you volunteered with to verify the completion of your service.

20. Can I check the status of my volunteer activity and verification process online?
Yes. You can log onto your account on to check the status of your volunteer activity.

21. How soon after I complete my volunteer service can I expect my service to be verified to receive a free ticket?
Guests can expect to receive verified confirmation via email from Disney within two weeks. You may receive a "thank you" communication from your volunteer organization before that time, but you will need to receive verification of your service from Disney to be eligible for your ticket.

22. What do I do if I never receive notification of my verification of service?
Please allow up to two  weeks for email verification for your activity from Disney. You can log on to your account from this site to check the status of your volunteer activity as well. If you have not received any communication or seen the status of your volunteer activity change after two  weeks, please contact the Guest Call Center at 407-827-5990. Please keep in mind that if you signed up for the program as part of a household, verification emails are sent to the lead volunteer.

23. Can you mail me my verification and voucher?
No. The system is set up to provide notification via email, and vouchers may only be accessed from your online account on this site. Please be sure that the lead volunteer in your household enters a valid email address at the time of sign up.

24. Can I have my volunteer activity verified at Walt Disney World® Resort or the Disneyland® Resort?
No. All guests who participate in the program will be notified by Disney by email when their volunteer project has been verified.

Questions About Redeeming Your Voucher

25. Can I give the free ticket to someone else?
The ticket is non-transferable so you may not give it to someone else, but  you may donate your ticket to one of the following non-profit organizations designated by Disney Parks through this site:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of  Central Florida
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of  Southern California
  • Dreams Take Flight Canada

26. I donated my ticket, and now I’ve changed my mind. Can I get it back, or re-volunteer for another ticket?
No. The decision to donate your ticket is irreversible, as the donated tickets will be distributed to the designated non-profit organizations throughout the year.

27. Is there an expiration date for my free theme park ticket?
Yes. December 15, 2010 is the last day that you may redeem your voucher for your free ticket. Once your voucher is redeemed for the one-day, one- theme park ticket , your ticket will be valid for use only on that day of redemption.

28. When is my free Disney theme park ticket valid for use? Are there any dates I can’t use my ticket?
Your voucher for a free ticket to enter one of the Disney theme parks may be redeemed through December 15, 2010, and must be redeemed and used on the same day. Please note, however, that on the following days, you will not be allowed to redeem your voucher for a free ticket:

  • Walt Disney World® Resort: March 29 – April 8 and July 4, 2010
  • The Disneyland® Resort: February 13-14, March 21, June 21-22, July 4, November 21, December 11-12, 2010