27,000 people participated — and they all stopped by our booth!

27,000 Run to Defeat Breast Cancer:  Fund-raiser: Race for the Cure entrants raise $1.7 million in Newport.

Binky Patrol makes a dozen binkies with 5 volunteers and two sewing machines!

About 27,000 runners participated–about 20% more than last year. Organizers estimated the crowd at 10,000 people.

“It was fantastic,” Event organizer, Kathy Kinane said. “We had a great turnout and a record-breaking crowd. We are very pleased.”

About 75% of the funds raised, Kinane said, will go toward grants for Orange County patients who need treatments but can’t afford them. The rest of the money, she said, will be turned over to the national foundation to fund research.

Susan Staebell tells the story, “It was a fun event.  Our “gang of 10” for the BAT will easily make 30 quilts in 6 or 8 hours or however long we have.  I’m keeping all 12 of the tops that we put together.  AND we did it with only 2 sewing machines!  Miriam Siegel came up with a new method which makes the whole construction project much easier – it will be know as the MM (the “Miriam Method”) and I believe she should patent it! 

Greg Roush, Susan’s big brother took these photos and helped during the entire event.  Bill Staebell was at his first Binky Patrol event and seemed to have faired pretty well.  We were all grateful to their help.  Miriam Siegel, Susan Staebell and Mary Heliongoeter with her sister kept it all going. 

It went well. After the first couple of hours, we got real busy right up till the end. All three ladies worked together well, switching from sewing (2 machines) to manning (womanning?) the tables.